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The Best ski resort in the French Alps

French Alps- Val ThorensThere is a good reason why Val Thorens is a well-known ski resort in the French Alps that a lot of people love. For three years in a row, Val Thorens was proclaimed the best European ski resort. There is absolutely no doubt about it – Val Thorens has a lot to offer. Whether you are an experienced mountain person or a wobbly first timer, Val Thorens has something for everyone, and there are many different activities and restaurants for every budget.

Many people love Val Thorens, and as you can see, there is a good reason why they love it so much. And now, here are some things that you absolutely need to do at this great ski resort.

Come Early and Beat the Crowds

Val Thorens is the highest point in the French Alps, and because of that, it opens at the end of November. But make sure to come early. The reason why is because Val Thorens is a very popular place, and if you come early, your chances of beating the crowds will be much bigger. The first few weeks are not really great when it comes to slopes, but there is no reason to worry, because there are many other activities that you can enjoy.

Have Dinner in a Yurt

If unique evening adventure is something that you are interested in, walk through the snow up to Chalet de la Marine, where you can enjoy a nice dinner in a yurt. You and up to 15 other people can spend an evening in a traditional Mongolian yurt. There, you and your friends can enjoy a nice meal in a cozy environment. After you are done with that, you can either ski or snowshoe down and participate in a torchlight descent.

Dive Into Some Ice

This is not a joke! Diving into a cold water is probably not something that you would like to do while you are enjoying a ski holiday. However, if you are one of those people who would like to give it a go, the lake is not far away. It can be accessed from Val Thorens, and you can go there either on your cross country skis or your snow shoes.

Take off your ski gear and put on some diving gear, and participate in a session of glacial exploration beneath the cold surface. After the session is over, put on your ski gear and head back to the resort.

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